Six people physically attack a family in Skopje and demolish their house


The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje issued an Order for conducting an investigation procedure against six persons – five men and one woman, for a crime – Violence under Article 386 paragraph 6 in conjunction with paragraph 3 and paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

There is a well-founded suspicion that persons aged 19 to 42, on November 12, entered the house of a damaged person on Morava Street and committed brutal violence.

Using axes, knives, ax handles and other hard objects, they started demolishing the house, and one of the people present in the home was stabbed with a knife.

They physically assaulted others present in the home, punching, kicking and stabbing them, inflicting bodily injuries and causing feelings of insecurity and fear.

For all suspects, the public prosecutor submitted to the pre-trial judge proposals for detention.

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