Commission for Infectious Diseases: Mandatory vaccination for health professionals and recommended vaccination for public sector employees


The Commission for Infectious Diseases issued at its Wednesday meeting a recommendation to the government, all employees in the public sector and local self-government to be required to show proof of at least single dose of COVID-19 vaccine or a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours, taken at their own cost, Health Minister VenkoFilipche said.

Employees must present either a medical certificate of recovery from COVID-19 in the past 45 days or a COVID-19 vaccine exemption certificate due to medical conditions.

“We recommend private companies to implement these measures too. We already have some confirmation, we expect that they will be able to implement them, given that Macedonian Chambers of Commerce submitted similar requests aimed at maintaining production facilities and the overall economic process in the country,” Filipche said after the meeting.

The Commission for Infectious Diseases also recommended vaccination to be mandatory for all healthcare workers.

Filipche said that the measures will enter into force ten days once adopted by the government and unvaccinated healthcare workers will be given an extra 30 days to get COVID-19 vaccine doses.

In addition to the measures, the Commission for Infectious Diseases requests the inspectorates and the Ministry of Interior to update the control system and to use the digital tools, i.e. the apps for verification of the certificates in order to prevent the use of fake certificates, Filipche said.

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