Court scandal: Court president demanded 50,000 euros from Boki 13 for “International Association”


A real drama took place Friday morning in the courtroom of the Criminal Court at the hearing in the “International Association” case where among the primary defendants is Bojan Jovanovski-Boki 13.

Jovanovski has repeatedly insisted that his request for removal of the judge in charge of the case to court president Ivan Dzolev, but also the prosecutor, be recorded in the court minutes, because of the evidence that Jovanovski says he personally possesses.

“This is a procedural proposal, a proposal for exemption in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Criminal Procedure. I state the proposal in the minutes. A few exceptions. Your removal, removal of the president of the court, removal of the public prosecutor, says Jovanovski.

After the judge did not allow the request to be submitted with the minutes of the hearing and instructed him to address in writing, Jovanovski said that she violated his guaranteed rights and was above the law, and Jovanovski sees the reason for that in the fact that the court president Dzolev demanded a bribe of 50 thousand euros for the “International Association” case.

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