European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg seeks answers from Government on Kamchev’s condition before ruling on interim measure


On June 30 2021, due to a seriously deteriorating health condition, Jordan Kamchev was admitted at the Cardiology Clinic in Skopje for five days after being transferred to the same clinic from the Skopje prison several times after his condition worsened. In the report received by the doctors after the hospitalization, his health condition was characterized as severe, life-threatening and it should be carefully monitored, for which an examination was initiated a month and a half later, which has not been realized yet.

These reports only confirmed the condition of Mr. Kamchev’s chronic heart disease. Medical records confirmed by cardiologists from Macedonia as well as cardiologists from Austria and Slovenia indicate that he belongs to the group of “patients at high risk of death due to cardiovascular problems” and there is a high risk of life-threatening consequences if his condition is not treated properly and monitored.

Extensive medical documentation on the severity of his illness and condition has already been submitted to the Court on several occasions.

As he did not receive any response or decision on the request, Mr. Kamchev’s defense appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The appeal to the European Court of Human Rights refers to the treatment that Mr. Kamchev (does not) receive in the prison in Skopje regarding his health condition.

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg immediately responds to the request of Kamchev’s defense, seeking answers from the Government of Macedonia for its inaction.

By 24 November at the latest, the Government should inform the Strasbourg Court of the applicant’s application of 29 October 2021 for a permit to enter the Skopje Prison Penitentiary to an internist / cardiologist, an internal medicine expert, for an examination of – Mr. Kamchev, sent to the Basic Court Skopje. If applicable, the Strasbourg Court seeks review of the decision; if it is not decided upon the applicant’s request, the Court invites the Government to inform it of the reasons why it does not exist.

The European Court of Human Rights in accordance with Rule 39 of the Rules of Court in the case of Mr. Kamchev, and due to the flagrant and continuous violation of his basic human rights, is in the process of imposing a temporary measure by which the Macedonian authorities should they were ordered to undergo an immediate medical examination by a cardiologist and to be immediately released and placed under house arrest due to his deteriorating health condition.

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