US Congress asks Bulgaria for to remove its veto on Macedonia through Bulgaria’s ambassador to Washington DC


The bilateral dispute between Sofia and Skopje should be resolved so that North Macedonia can start accession negotiations with the European Union by the end of this year, according to twelve Members of the United States Congress in a letter to the Bulgarian Ambassador to the US.

In the letter addressed to His Excellency Tihomir Stoytchev, the signatories, who are members of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee from both sides of the political aisle, express their hope that Bulgaria would put its differences aside and support the full political integration of North Macedonia and Albania into the European Union.

Urging Bulgaria to resolve the dispute preventing North Macedonia and Albania from starting EU talks, the Members of Congress note the two countries have already met the requirements to start accession negotiations with the EU.

According to them, the continued delay in Skopje and Tirana’s progress toward joining the EU “has cast doubt on the commitments made by Western leaders opening a door for anti-Western political influences throughout the region, particularly those from China and Russia.”

“We believe eventual EU membership for North Macedonia and Albania is critical for long-term peace and stability within the Balkan region and for the whole of the transatlantic community,” said the US congresspeople.

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