Ralpovski: Filipche’s announcement that public employees must be vaccinated to enter theirworkplace is unconstitutional and illegal


President of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions (KKS) Blagoja Ralpovski, in an interview with “Free Europe”, said that the increase of the minimum wage should increase other salaries of employees in terms of coefficient of the minimum salary is 15,000 denars, then teachers must earn 37,000 denars, said Ralpovski.

He says that the announcement of the Ministry of Health, ice Health Minister Venko Filipche, that the unvaccinated employees will be fired is completely unconstitutional and discriminatory.

“Public sector employees or any worker cannot be blackmailed into getting vaccinated in order to enter their workplace. It is forbidden by the Constitution, it is forbidden by law, in fact in the European Council, which is the oldest European institution, adopted a resolution in which they said that vaccination should be voluntary. And now, suddenly, out of the blue, blackmail comes to the employees who are not vaccinated that they cannot go to work if they are not vaccinated,” says Ralpovski.



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