The way the Government works, 250 million euros will be needed to get out of the energy crisis


Even if we want to deal with the crisis now, we cannot do it otherwise. Because when oil prices were low, we did not create stocks of it. Then we could have bought enough fuel oil, oil and petroleum products at very low prices. When the price of electricity was low we did not buy futures and when we had to make repairs in the energy facilities and open the mining shafts so that we could mine coal today, we did not do it then, says VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski in interview with news portal Plusinfo, asked how the energy crisis that is happening in the country should be solved.

“This situation will be corrected by spending budget funds. If we follow the rate of funds spent so far for the purchase of electricity and servicing the losses from the overdue repairs, then by the end of the winter the amount for repairing the crisis that will have to be allocated from the state budget could reach 250 million euros”, pointed out Mickoski.

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