Yanev: We took all necessary steps to investigate this deadly bus accident


Bulgaria reacted as quickly as possible and has taken all the necessary steps to open an investigation into the horrible traffic accident, which claimed 45 lives. At the same time, the survivors are being taken care of, Bulgaria’s caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

In a post on the Bulgarian government’s Facebook account, Yanev expresses condolences to the relatives of the victims killed in the accident that took place early Tuesday on Struma highway in Bulgaria, Bulgarian news agency BTA reports.

“This horrible tragedy, which has left us speechless, is beyond words. At the moment, investigative bodies are doing necessary activities. When what is needed is done, we could comment on what had caused the incident and claimed so many lives. We should let the investigators to do their work,” stated Yanev.

He added that all state bodies have been mobilized with the police taking measures to regulate traffic along highway Struma.

“Later on, we must learn the right lessons from this tragic event in order to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future. What we know so far is that the bus carrying the victims and the injured was registered in the Republic of North Macedonia. We discussed this early this morning with the Republic of North Macedonia’s PM Zoran Zaev. Our government will take all necessary measures involving the tragedy,” PM Yanev stressed.

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