Osmani hopes investigation is thorough, determines real cause for tragedy


I hope the investigation will be thorough in determining the real cause for the tragedy, and all required measures will be undertaken if a human factor is behind it. The ministries of interior and transport, who set forth their views at yesterday’s press conference, are the most competent when it comes to responsibility and accountability in this regard, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani in Sofia on Wednesday.

“According to the information I have, the investigation is ongoing, conducted by the Bulgarian authorities, whereas our teams are here to help. Our experts in forensic medicine have been here since yesterday, but they weren’t allowed to get involved because of a permit that must be issued by the Bulgarian public prosecutor’s office. We expect this permit to be obtained today so that our experts are allowed to take part,” said FM Osmani.

Asked if he has talked to the injured, he said some of them are suffering from severe psychological stress.

“They vividly remember the events. Some suffer from several psychological stress that requires professional help. That is why we have undertaken the duty to bring professionals from Skopje to treat this condition, primarily due to the language barrier, of course if the doctors deem it necessary. I am here for this purpose – to facilitate coordination,” added Osmani.

Regarding the information whether the bus did or did not own a license, Osmani said that the Minister of Transport had a press conference yesterday and said that there are three levels of certification – the company, the vehicle and the driver.

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