Macedonia owes EUR 18.5 million to the European Energy Network


The bill for the unannounced withdrawal of electricity from the transmission system reached MEPSO. Macedonia needs to pay 18.5 million euros to the European Energy Network for electricity drawn from July to October, reports Alsat TV.

Of all this amount, the most expensive was the electricity for October, i.e. 16.5 million euros.

According to the information obtained by Alsat TV, the bill for November will be much lower because less electricity has been withdrawn compared to the previous four months.

So far, MEPSO has received just over 16 million euros from the state treasury to deal with the energy crisis, and ESM has received twice as much. This money will be used to pay off the debt to Europe. Meanwhile, EVN Home or the Universal Supplier has extended the tender deadline for providing electricity to households for next year. Instead of the 25th of this month, the tender will now last until the 2nd of December. Until then, the state company ESM has the opportunity to make a calculation and submit a bid on which will depend the final price of electricity for households.


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