State Transport Inspectorate Director: The bus should not have been allowed to leave the country without a license


We do not know when the bus was purchased and registered. We also do not know why they did not apply for a license. According to the Law on Road Transport, the Customs Administration at the border crossings has the authority and must return the carrier if it does not have a license, Director of the State Transport Inspectorate Rufat Husseini told “Utrinski Brifing”.

“If the bus really did not have a license, it shouldn’t have been allowed to leave the country at the Deve Bair border crossing. The Ministry of Interior, the technical inspection stations, the Customs Administration are to blame, but not the State Inspectorate, which did not have enough inspectors. Everyone shifts the blame onto others, throwing the ball and in the end no one will be held accountable. The competent authorities in Bulgaria cite the road conditions, the correctness of the vehicle and the human factor as the causes of the accident. No one mentioned the license. However, it should be there, we will check why it is not there, but that is not a decisive factor in this accident,” Husseini stressed.

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