Road in Bulgaria where the terrible bus accident took place was built by a Macedonian company


The section of the Struma highway, where a bus burned and killed 45 people, was built by a Macedonian company less than 20 years ago.

This was stated by travel experts from Kyustendil, familiar with and controlled by the realization of the project. The designer is a Bulgarian company, the Macedonians were just contractors.

“This section near the village of Bosnek is not a highway, but a freeway. Its construction after winning a tender was entrusted to the Macedonian company “Mavrovo”. But this complicated situation with the fountain was not predicted by the Macedonians, but by the Bulgarian designer and the road services,” the experts commented.

“Therefore, it is not the contractor’s fault. Also, the route is in good condition and well maintained”, experts added.

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