Were highly flammable acids the cause of the fire in the “Besa Trans” bus?


Highly flammable acids that are usually used to produce heroin may be the cause of the explosion and the accident in which 45 passengers of the Macedonian bus “Besa Trans” in Bulgaria were killed, accuses VMRO-DPMNE in a press release Saturday morning, demanding responsibility for the fact that the bus crossed the border illegally over 135 times:

“Who does the SDSM government persistently protect regarding the bus accident?

Is the heroin business hidden by the government the cause of the accident and the 45 passengers killed in Bulgaria?

No one in the country is responsible for the suspicions that the bus that burned down in Bulgaria, killing 45 of our fellow citizens, was transporting highly flammable liquids – acids, which are used to produce heroin.

Are those acids the reason why, according to eyewitnesses of the event, the bus went up in flames, but also the sidewalks on the road?

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