SDSM accepts Zaev’s resignation, Kovacevski “mentioned” as his successor



SDSM will elect its new leader on December 12, succeeding Zoran Zaev who has resigned from the post. SDSM spokeswoman Bogdanka Kuzeska said after Friday’s session of the Central Board that the procedure for election of a new party president would take place in the next seven days.

The Central Board concluded that Zaev’s resignation requires the launch of a process of intra-party elections. The nomination process starts tomorrow and will last for a week. All SDSM members who meet the Statute criteria are eligible to apply. All SDSM members who will actively register at the online tool will be eligible to vote, said Kuzeska.

Dimitar Kovachevski was mentioned as Zaev’s successor, but other names were also mentioned as successors, said Kuzevska without directly answering a journalist question whether Zaev supported Kovachevski’s candidacy.

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