Forty million euros were spent on importing expensive electricity in just one month


VMRO-DPMNE fears that the current government does not have the capacity to deal with the energy crisis.

“SDSM is leading the country into an energy crisis, in just one month the government spent 40 million euros for the import of expensive electricity. The state paid 16 million euros for the theft of electricity from the European network in just one month, an additional set of electricity purchases of over 11 million euros and another ten-day reservation of 12 million euros were realized. The price at which the government buys electricity is now over 250 euros per megawatt. That is over 5 times the production price of electricity in REK Bitola or other domestic facilities,” said VMRO-DPMNE.

According to the opposition party, the real problem with the expensive electricity is that the coal mining was not done on time.

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