Epidemiologists share prognosis for the Omicron coronavirus strain in Macedonia


Somewhere around New Year’s, the Omicron coronavirus strain could arrive to the country, and the Delta-plus variant would arrive at about the same time, epidemiologist Sasko Olunchev told TV 24. According to Dr. Zlate Mehmedovic, Macedonia must quickly adopt new restrictive measures and limit the entry of citizens from countries where this strain already has spread.

Citizens’ entry into the South African region has already been restricted by several countries, including Israel and the United Kingdom, and a number of European countries are considering quarantine and tightening coitus measures. According to Olunchev, the most susceptible to Omicron and Delta-plus strain will be young people, those between 20 and 30 years old, teenagers and students, who have the most active social life, as well as unvaccinated citizens.

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