MoFA gets about EUR 27 million from the 2022 Budget


One billion and six hundred and fifty million denars, or about 27 million euros, which is an increase of 28 percent, or just over 360 million denars, or about six million euros more than last year, is the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 2022 which, as Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani informed, is the largest budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in recent years.

At the press conference on the occasion of presenting the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs foreseen for 2022, Osmani mentioned that these funds will be intended for expenditures related to filling all vacant ambassadorial posts, equipping embassies and consulates with additional diplomatic staff, and these funds include also included the expenses for the economic advisors in the embassies, but also the strengthening of the staff for communication with the diaspora.

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