How did an undocumented bus cross the border every three days on average?  


We have form without essence. We need to start building the institutions from scratch so that the catastrophic bus accident that took 45 lives does not happen. Experts say that the system should be thoroughly reconstructed as soon as possible because we have over 1,000 institutions, and many of them do not even know what they are doing.

“Every day, as citizens, we encounter the non-functioning of the system. Hence, when I say to reconsider, analyzes should not be made, we actually have the analyzes. The Government, I hope the future, should dare to say that we will reduce the number of state administration bodies. We have too many of them, and their competencies overlap”, says university professor Ana Pavlovska Daneva.

The question arises how did the fatal bus cross the state border without the necessary documents on average every three days.

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