Taravari: Even if Alternativa joins the Government, it will not be sustainable, there will be elections in 2022


Asked by reporters about the expectations from today’s meeting between Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the leader of Alternativa Afrim Gashi, the mayor of Gostivar and Secretary General of the Alliance for Albanians Arben Taravari said that they will respect Alternativa’s decision, but that sees no perspective in such a government, reports Gostivar Press.

“Mr. Gashi and Alternativa and I went to the parliamentary elections together a year and a half ago, our policies were anti-DUI and we won 62,000 votes, which voted against DUI policies. The contract was signed to 4 years, but it is a contract, you do not have to adhere to it. As they decide, so. We will respect their decision, whatever it is. Even if they enter the Government, such a Government will not be sustainable, primarily due to the instability that exists in SDSM, due to the various factions, but also the unfulfilled conditions for the coalition partners, which are numerous. My prediction is that 2022 will be an election year,” Taravari said.

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