44 cases of COVID-19 reinfection reported in a week


According to the Public Health Institute’s weekly report for the period from November 22 to November 28, 2021, the number of new COVID-19 cases has dropped by 6.1% compared to the previous week.

In the past week, a total of 18,781 tests were carried out, 5.1% less than the previous week, and 2,751 people tested positive for COVID-19.

The percent positivity is between 9.5% and 17.5%, i.e. average 14.3%.

The majority of the new COVID-19 cases were registered in Skopje. Cases were registered in all age groups, with the majority (23.3%) aged over 60. The least number of new cases were registered in children under 9 (4.3%).

A drop in the number of new cases is registered in all age groups, except in those aged 0-9 (+14.4%). The most significant drop is registered in the age group of those 10-19 years old (-10.7%). In addition, 54.2% of the new cases are women and 45.8% are men.

Ninety-eight fatalities were registered nationwide, most in the age group over 60 (87.8%).

A total of 2,829 recovered patients were recorded last week. In addition, the Public Health Institute reported 44 cases of COVID-19 reinfection, which is 10.2% less than the previous week.

In the past two weeks, the incidence figure has gone down in 22 cities across the country, compared to the incidence figure in the two weeks before, most notably in Probishtip. The incidence figure in the past two weeks has increased in 10 cities and remained unchanged in Pehchevo, Debar and DemirKapija. The R0 value stands between 0.66 in Negotino to 2.75 in Dojran, reads the report.

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