Enforcement agent seizes EUR 9.5 million from Samsonenko’s firm


Enforcement agent Nikola Bogatinov reported on November 26 that from the share of businessman Sergei Samsonenko in the company “Sis Invest Group” there is an order for seizure of property worth 9.5 million euros.

The enforcement agent informed the company that the share in the amount of 9,540,749 euros from the capital of “Sis Invest Group” was seized from the debtor Sergei Samsonenko for collection of the claim.

The Central Register has been informed that the creditor acquires the pledge right of the share, and the debtor is forbidden to dispose of the seized share. The notification mentions that on December 29, 2020, the Basic Civil Court Skopje made a decision to stop the bankruptcy procedure upon the proposal of the debtor after the creditors who filed a claim agreed to that. But after almost a year, Samsonenko’s share of the bankruptcy estate is now subject to execution, because after the decision of “Sis Invest Group” enters into force, in the meantime it comes out of bankruptcy and can freely manage and dispose of the property that entered the bankruptcy estate.

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