It’s better not to expect a positive outcome on unblocking the start of negotiations, says Dimitrov


It is better not to expect a positive outcome so that we don’t get disappointed, but we must resume our efforts, says Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov on expectations and announcements for unblocking the start of North Macedonia’s EU accession negotiations at the General Affairs Council (GAC) in December.

“We have the responsibility to tell citizens that it would be better to be surprised by a good outcome than be disappointed from a bad one. Considering the time constraints, since we are just days away from the December 14 GAC, I believe it would be highly irresponsible to create any expectations. The form of the Council meeting is less important. If we manage to reach a dignified, European solution, since the issue has started to cause pain everywhere, then there is going to be will, including by the Slovenian Presidency, to schedule an extraordinary GAC. Following the experiences we have endured, we must not embrace dates. The signals coming from Sofia point to them expecting a process in bilateral relations that would help close the issue step by step. The parliament will obviously have a role there,” Deputy PM Dimitrov told Klan TV.

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