VMRO-DPMNE leader says the party won’t respect a unilateral agreement with Bulgaria signed by a government without credibility


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski after a meeting with Prilep Mayor Borche Jovceski and the Regional Chamber of Commerce said that VMRO-DPMNE does not intend to respect an agreement unilateral to the detriment of the Macedonian people signed by a government that has no credibility.

“The information we are receiving is really alarming. Outgoing PM Zoran Zaev is ready to sign a new agreement, although he was not convinced that he has resolved all issues with our neighbors, in which he will partially or completely accept the resolution won by the Bulgarian Parliament in 2019. It is a complete assimilation of the Macedonian people and a direct blow to the identity of the Macedonian people. Since he is leaving, I am worried that he may make this move on his departure, and that we will all pay the consequences in the future. Given his current situation and his relations in the Government and the coalition with DUI, to be more precise the coalition with Ali Ahmeti and Artan Grubi, I doubt and worry that this information is true and that it can happen. Therefore, my message was to the new government of our eastern neighbor and to President Radev that this unilateral agreement of a government that has no credibility, because it was severely defeated in the last local elections, we as VMRO-DPMNE do not intend to respect because it will means a direct blow to the identity of the Macedonian people and a direct blow in order to assimilate the Macedonian people. Something that has nothing to do with the values ​​of the 21st century and has nothing to do with the values ​​of the European Union,” Mickoski said.

The opposition leader added that VMRO-DPMNE is ready to talk to anyone about anything that offers progress and future and that it will not accept any blackmail.

“I am ready to find a solution to what will take us 2-3 centuries forward. Let’s talk about the construction of corridors, fast railways, highways, economic cooperation, tourism, educational cooperation”, said Mickoski.

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