Instead of investigation and responsibility by the institutions, SDSM/DUI government tries to hide the truth about the tragedy that killed 45


It has been eleven days since the bus accident in Bulgaria, and the criminal and incompetent government SDSM – DUI is silent and hides the truth about this great tragedy in which 45 people lost their lives. The authorities in Bulgaria have already announced the initial information from the investigation, and the institutions in Macedonia, instead of an investigation, are shifting the responsibility from one to the other.

According to the Bulgarian investigators, the bus that crossed the Macedonian border over 130 times without a license this year was old and repaired in Turkey and that all its equipment has been replaced, and it is not known which parts are factory-original and which are not, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s press release.

The party says that the government is silent and does not answer whether it is true that the bus was factory designed and registered to transport 49 passengers, and then the capacity was increased to 54 seats.

“There are no answers as to who performed the homologation – the attestation of the vehicle and whether due to this change the bus could not get a license for international transport? Complete silence from Spasovski and the Ministry of Interior, after the confession of the director of the Transport Inspectorate, Huseini, the bus owned by Besa Trans was not registered, and it was performing international transport and crossing the border. The public did not receive an answer to the question whether and how many times so far the Ministry of Interior has reported through official notes to the Transport Inspectorate for the defects of Besa Trans buses, and the inspectorate did not take any action, i.e. no extraordinary inspection of Besa Trans has been made”, the opposition party points out.


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