SDSM rejects one of four candidacies for party leader


The ruling SDSM party commission verified three of the four nominations for the party’s new president on Saturday. The conditions to be at the starting line in the race for leader of the Social Democrats in the intra-party elections scheduled for December 12, when all members of the party who will register for the election will be able to vote.

According to the commission for verification of candidacies, all conditions are met by Dimitar Kovachevski, Frosina Remenski and Jovan Despotovski, while the nomination of the activist from Kumanovo Vlastimir Aleksovski has been turned down with the explanation that he did not meet the prescribed conditions.

Deputy Finance Minister Kovacevski was the first to announce his nomination into the race for a new leader of the Social Democrats. It was mentioned in the public that he is the favorite of the resigned leader ZoranZaev and the most serious contender for leader of SDSM, especially after accompanying him to the negotiations with the representatives of Alternativa.

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