DOM leader expects to be presented with the agreement with Alternativa, she says it’s important for the support of the Government  


DOM leader Maja Morachanin says that she was not originally acquainted with the text of the agreement between Zaev and Gashi.

The party leader expects her party to be called in by the Prime Minister and have the document presented to them.

“I expect to be invited to be presented with this agreement that has been reached with Alternativa, because we do not have information on what that agreement contains and what has been agreed. I expect to have a conversation with Prime Minister Zaev and to be presented what has been agreed. What is most important for us as DOM, are the program priorities of the new Government, which we have not discussed. In a way, only the agreed positions went to the public and the impression was left that practically Alternativa in the Government and the parliamentary majority is tied to ministers, deputies, directors, etc., but for us the most important is the program of the new government, Morachanin told news website, and added:

“Because when DOM became part of the Government in 2020, it was the acceptance of the European Green Agreement, which was our key request and was adopted by the Government upon our proposal.

It is a fact that the public gets the impression that Alternativa will lead a number of positions, but I do not want to comment, nor is it correct to talk about other political parties. It is legitimate for everyone to negotiate and that is a matter of negotiations and agreements. But what matters to us are the program priorities. That part of the agreement is very important for us as part of the majority in support of the new Government.”

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