MCC: “Freezing” food prices could deepen the crisis


The health and economic crisis that has been going on for two years has seriously affected the economy, and has put companies in a situation of difficult to maintain financial stability and business activity. Overcoming the situation is only possible with adequate, well-planned and targeted measures, which will be defined in close communication with the real sector. Partial solutions that are made without proper analysis and are not correlated with other measures, such as the Decision on setting the highest prices of basic food products in wholesale and retail trade, will further disrupt the difficult situation in which they find themselves, companies and will cause additional problems for citizens, including restriction of access to basic foods products, reads the press release issued by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (MCC).

“The decision to limit the prices of certain products to give a positive effect needs to be made in correlation with other measures. First, it is necessary for the input inputs in all companies to be stabilized, ie the raw materials, specifically in the food industry, to be enabled to have an appropriate minimum price. This can be done by activating state commodity reserves at certain stable prices for the period in which the decision to limit prices is in force. It is also necessary to stabilize the energy sources in a framework in which the state would guarantee certain prices of electricity and gas, on which the price of the products significantly depends. In order to adopt measures that will give positive results, it is necessary that they be created with the active participation of the business community,” said Goran Georgievski, Vice President of the Agro-Business Chamber.

If the recommendations given by the Agro-Business Chamber are not accepted, the price restriction will directly cause the effect of “empty shelves” in the supply centers all over the country.

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