The measure is overdue, the prices of frozen products have risen significantly


VMRO-DPMNE EC memberTrajkoSlaveski, also former Minister of Finance, regarding the freezing of product prices and price increases, said that the measure to freeze the prices of some basic food products was delayed and if the freezing was to be implemented, the government should have reacted faster and not leave it to chance.

“We have witnessed a rapid rise in prices that were increased before, but all the prices of these products are now frozen. The products that are now directly frozen were significantly increased and I agree with the opinions that this measure is overdue. If we wanted to carry out the freezing of products, it was necessary to react faster and not to hint,” Slaveski said.

He added that many of the future product increases are already embedded in prices and it is uncertain whether this measure will have any effect, and will certainly be minimal in terms of protection of living standards.

“The reasons that led to such a rapid rise in prices is that in addition to imported inflation, there are domestic effects that led to rising prices, as well as the collapse of domestic electricity production, including all populist measures in recent years where the government wasted money on various sides in the economy, etc., all this has led to an increase in prices,” said Slaveski.

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