NGOs: Demanding an international case investigation undermines the independence of the judiciary


If an international investigation is required, can we not ask for other cases tomorrow, is that not a way to completely undermine trust in the judiciary. Here we have undermining the independence of the judiciary, how the executive will allow it independence, if it makes random decisions that will require review or investigation, says NataliPetrovska from the Coalition for Fair Trials in “Top Tema” on Telma where the topic of the agreement between ZoranZaev and AfrimGashiwas discussed and the announced opening or international monitoring of court cases, such as the “Monster” case, the case of the little Almir, “Diva Naselba”. etc.

Petrovska expressed concern about the disrespect of the separation of powers and, according to her, the executive is not the one that should review the work of the judiciary, because the two authorities are divided by the constitution.

“It is not correct to choose cases in advance, without making an analysis of what it is about, nor is it supported without argumentation why exactly those cases,” Petrovska said.

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