Citizens are in a price shock, salaries are not enough even for basic products, claims VMRO-DPMNE


Just like the lack of capital investments, just like the non-work of SDSM mayors in the municipalities, just like the delayed procurement of vaccines and several economic packages of measures that did not produce anything for the real sector or save jobs. Now the Government is in a new failure, they pretend that they understand the economy, so they decided to freeze the already more expensive products, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s press release.

It is easy to pursue economic policies on paper from government seats, it is difficult for the people to buy what they need with empty pockets.

The spending power of the citizens is getting weaker, because the salaries are not enough for living, not even two minimum wages are enough for the necessary expenses. The consumer basket is more than 3000 denars, unlike two years ago. If we put on all this the daily increase of fuels, the price of electricity which has already increased several times, and announce that it will be up to plus 20% increased, the reality is that we are in a severe and unprecedented economic crisis.

Citizens are already in a price shock, Bekteshi should jump out of the government seat and try to survive for a month with the below-average salary taken by impoverished citizens.

The public compares prices of products from EU countries compared to the prices here, it is illogical for the prices of basic products in Macedonia to be higher than the prices in some EU countries whose average salaries are 2000 euros. Milk and bread and other products cannot be cheaper in Germany than in our country.

“Timely proper economic intervention is needed to mitigate the price shock. The incompetence of the Government, the disastrous overdue measures and excessive poverty will be a thing of the past, the citizens need a new future, snap general elections are needed to get out of the misery in which Zaev and this government have drowned us”, reads the party’s press release.

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