Levica accuses: The outgoing government is trying to smuggle the privatization of ambulance


The (outgoing) Minister of Health Venko Filipche, through seemingly benign amendments to the Law on Health Care, proposed by summary procedure, today – in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia – will try to push through the enormously harmful plan to open the possibility for privatization of ambulance and human organ transplants, says the political party Levica.

The party says it strongly opposes the introduction of profitable business logic in public healthcare.

“For our party, health is a political issue of the highest priority and it must not be treated as an addition to luxury, which will be available only to the rich, and inaccessible to all others. For that purpose, our two MPs in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia on Wednesday, to the Committee on Health, submitted over 1,200 amendments in order to prevent the adoption of this enormously harmful law. We demand the opening of a public debate on this crucial issue which is in the interest of all citizens and the immediate withdrawal of this harmful law from the parliamentary procedure,” said Levica.

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