Scandal: Government wants to sell state-owned Slavija company worth EUR 20 million


A big scandal is on the horizon with the sale of the property of the former trade giant “Slavija” for only 220,000 euros, which is almost 100% state-owned, and is estimated at a total of 20 million euros, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE briefed on Monday.

The starting price is 218,535 euros, or 50 euros per share. When an attempt was made to sell the company in 2012, the government then valued the shares at 1,715 euros. The Slavija company has a huge property. The administrative building alone is worth 9 million euros, and the rest of the property is located throughout Macedonia. The claims for salaries and contributions, as well as for other debts, are three to five million euros, the party said.

The last assessment of the value of “Slavija” was made in 2016 and since then there are no new data, and the entire property is estimated at least 20 million euros, which include large plots affected by construction works in the areas closest to the central area of ​​Skopje.

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