Joint work permits for the countries of the Open Balkans as of January 1


Serbia’s President AleksandarVučić said on Tuesday that the agreement on the joint work permits between the countries under the Open Balkans initiative is likely to take effect on January 1st next year, and that only some technical issues remain to be completed.

He told RTS from Tirana that this is why decisions will be made today to connect electronic and other systems.

Asked what has been done and how much has changed since the previous Open Balkans meeting in Belgrade in November, Vučić said that much has changed and that all teams have made decisions quickly and efficiently.

“Last night Ispoke with Mr. (Dimitar) Kovachevski, who is set to be the new Prime Minister of North Macedonia and he is fully committed to the Open Balkans initiative and we will continue to work on it. We are doing this with a lot of faith and energy, because we know that this will make it easier for our citizens,” Vucic said.


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