Pendarovski: A country does not join Europe as no man’s land, like a rootless tree


It is high time we asked ourselves what we are doing against the culture of forgetfulness and carelessness that dominates, because not only judicial and bureaucratic reforms are important for Europe, but also our cultural investment. The European Union is made up of countries with a unique socio-cultural development – you are not accepted there as no man’s land, like a rootless tree, President Stevo Pendarovski said in his annual address to Parliament on Wednesday.

We, as the head of state pointed out, have world reference works in that regard and we must not be an exception to that rule, for ourselves, not for them. Therefore, as he pointed out, far greater care is needed for our language, for our pivotal cultural institutions, for our monuments, for the vital marks of our identity.

“Decades of disputes over our identity have made us turn more to the protection and promotion of national cultural heritage. However, in the transition, unfortunately, the vulgar neo-liberal concept of total commercialization prevailed in the sphere of culture, which essentially suppressed many creative actions of the mind,” said Pendarovski.


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