Zaev will not address the public, Xhaferi to confirm resignation on Thursday


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s resignation will arrive in the parliamentary archives Wednesday afternoon.

According to unofficial information, there will be no address or statement by Zaev, but it is possible that the resignation will be delivered by courier.

At tomorrow’s session, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi will confirm Zaev’s resignation and will cancel the session on parliamentary issues, because along with the resignation of the Prime Minister, the Government is also resigning.

The plan that Zaev told the party members and colleagues from the coalition for the last time at last night’s session of the Government he chaired is that the new Government led by Dimitar Kovachevski will have to be elected by January 17 at the latest. The plan is for the proposal for a new government to reach the Parliament by January 10.

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