Arsovski asks to be removed from proposal for Board of Directors of a public enterprise


The three spokespersons of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE found themselves in the draft-decisions for appointing members of the management and supervisory boards of public enterprises in Skopje, which the Council will discuss at a session scheduled before the New Year holidays, on December 29 (Wednesday).

NaumStoilkovski has been nominated as a member of the Board of JSP Skopje, and MarijaMiteva and DimcheArsovski have been nominated as members of the Board of Directors of PE Vodovod.

After the information was published, SDSM supporters came out with numerous negative comments on social media,Arsovskiwrote on Facebook.

“The fear and panic of SDSM on my behalf that it will enter the Board of PE Vodovod, especially those who are most vocal on this issue, who ate and drank through the accounts of the City of Skopje, which we will discuss further in the future, is sustained and real. Yes, I have been proposed as a member of the Management Board of PE Vodovod and I consider and I am sure that I have enough knowledge, dignity, credibility, honesty in myself and will to participate in the home management of this institution, but also to strive to work transparently and the public to know what is being done, but also what has been done before, revealing the whole crime. But, seeing all this panic, fear and slander of my name on social media by party apparatchiks and those supporters, and some creators of crime and corruption in institutions, I want to publicly announce that I am seeking to be removed from the list of members on the Management Board”, wrote Arsovski.

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