Zaev’s resignation has been verified, now the constitutional deadlines for electing a new government are running


After four and a half years at the helm of the Government, Zoran Zaev has resigned as Prime Minister. His resignation was confirmed by the Parliament yesterday, and then a formal notification was sent to the President, thus starting the constitutional deadlines for the election of a new government.

According to Article 90 of the Constitution, the President of the state is obliged within ten days to entrust the mandate for the composition of the Government to a candidate of the party, ie the parties that have a majority in the Assembly.

President Stevo Pendarovski expects the entrustment of the mandate to take place next week. He said in an interview with Kanal 5 television last night that he needed another letter from the party that has the majority, in order to be able to give the mandate.

“I need another letter, to whom should I give a mandate. I cannot guess, I have to get a letter from a party or parties that should say ‘we have a majority and this person is the new prime minister’. I cannot give the mandate to SDSM, I must know to whom I give it as a person, specifically to a person,” said Pendarovski.

After receiving the mandate, the new prime minister-designate will have to submit a program to the Parliament within 20 days and propose the composition of the government, and the new government will be elected by a majority vote of the total number of MPs.

The new leader of SDSM Dimitar Kovacevski is expected to be nominated for prime minister, and after receiving the mandate, Kovachevski should submit the program and the composition of the new government to the Parliament in the first half of January.


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