Opposition asks government to answer whether it influenced media editorial policy


Yesterday, Bojan Jovanovski, owner of a pro-government media outlet according to Zoran Zaev, directly named Marjan Zabrcanec, Zaev’s main man for five years, for government propaganda, that he wrote the texts and sent content for the news on 1TV, a TV channel owned by Bojan Jovanovski, thus what he sent daily, I quote the letter of Bojan Jovanovski  that “he sent me texts and links 100 times that had to be broadcast on the air”, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at Saturday’s press conference.

Stoilkovski reminded that Bojan Jovanovski, although convicted in the big corruption case dubbed the “Racket” case, was the owner of 1TV, whose celebration of the first anniversary was attended by the entire government, the heads of the prosecution and the judiciary, and that there were constantly photos posted of Jovanovski with SDSM members on social media in official and unofficial close moments.

“Yesterday, Jovanovski directly pointed out that in fact, the content of the news on that television was written and edited by the Government. Moreover, Bojan Jovanovski in the open letter to Zoran Zaev states for, I quote – “those you pay to trust and defend you”, and I will quote again – “paid propaganda by your journalists led by Marjan Zabrcanec”.This is a serious accusation, having in mind the type, the content, the topics and the participants in the shows, but also the editorial staff of that television, in which the highest state political top, members of SDSM, were guests every day. Marjan Zabrcanec is still working in the Government and is still the head of the government propaganda, ” said Stoilkovski.

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