Slaveski: The rise in prices is not due to electricity, it is yet to come


Professor at the Faculty of Economics and member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE and recently head of the Council of the City of SkopjeTrajkoSlaveski, believes that the decision of the Government to freeze the prices of certain products is a populist measure that will not mitigate the impact on standard of living.

“Now in the interest of the truth to say that at least so far this increase in prices we have had is not due to increased prices in that volume of energy, electricity, because it is yet to come, because we found ourselves in an awkward situation to procure on a daily basis electricity at the highest prices and normally in the future, with some delay will have a negative effect on price growth, “said the member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee.

According to Slaveski, the measure of freezing the prices of basic products by the Government until January 31, 2022 is populist and will not solve long-term problems.

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