PHOTO | Police stops driver in Bitola with 4.28 per mille of alcohol in his blood


During Saturday night’s (25/26.12.2021) raid in betwee 8pm and 2 am, an intensified police control was carried out to sanction drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol on the territory of Bitola, whereby 27 drivers were sanctioned.

According to the accompanying illustration of the information from the Ministry of Interior, one of the drivers of the instrument showed the presence of as much as 4.28 per mille of alcohol in the blood. That is a little more than the record 4.26 per mille of alcohol that were measured in the blood of a driver who was stopped by the traffic police in Macedonia on October 10 at 10 pm.

Today’s case is definitely a Macedonian record in measured per mille of alcohol in the blood because according to current information, the highest amount of alcohol in the blood of a traffic participant measured with a dredger was 3.87 per mille, in July 2021.

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