No additional restrictive measures duringNew Year’s and Christmas holidays


The number of registered active COVID-19 cases in Macedonia is almost 5,000, and the first case of the Omicron strain of SarsCoV2 virus in the country was detected on Friday in a man who arrived from the United Kingdom, but health authorities do not announce additional restrictions in the coming days during New Year’s and Christmas holidays.

The competent health authorities announced that no new additional measures are envisaged in the country during the holidays, and vaccination remains the only way to combat the epidemic. Although, many countries in the world on the eve of Christmas, according to the Gregorian calendar, and the New Year holidays have tightened their anti COVID-19 measures.

“I think that all these measures that are in force now in our country are quite sufficient and the degree of restriction should not be increased in any sense, both in terms of what is required to enter the country, and in terms of everything that applies for mass gatherings, whether they are closed facilities or some events or in hospitality businesses,” Health Minister VenkoFilipche told Kanal 5 on Saturday.

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