So far there is only one Omicron variant case, the epidemiological situation remains stable


Minister of Health Venko Filipche pointed out Monday that so far in the country there was only one case infected with the Omicron strain of COVID-19, and the epidemiological situation was stable. Additional analysis, he said, will be done next week.

“So far, there is just one case with the Omicron strain. Given that this is a case coming from abroad, I think that an additional analysis should be made during the next week. However, being present in the region may mean that it is due to the frequent communications and trips of our citizens to neighboring countries, said Filipche after a visit to the Special Hospital for Gynecology and Obstetrics in Chair.

The Minister noted that the epidemiological situation is still quite stable. As he said, there is no increase in the number of newly diagnosed cases, and hospitals continue to operate without pressure from the increased influx of patients.

“Next week a group of tests will be made that will be sequenced, but at this moment there are no signs that there is a deterioration of the epidemiological situation”, said Minister Filipche.

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