Danilovski: Macedonia would probably bid farewell to the pandemic in 2022  


“With a very high probability in 2022 in Macedonia we would bid farewell to the pandemic. On November 28, I warned that as we learned about the Omicron as it was spreading, it was stabilizing that it was four times more contagious than the Delta strain. I said we should introduce quarantines on the borders to buy some time. It was only a matter of time before this strain came to us. It encourages me that when a phenomenon is registered, it started earlier – we have a further decline in incidence, there are only 347 hospitalized patients. It points to a favorable epidemiological picture, but we should not relax. Our people from the diaspora have come and are still coming, it is very likely that someone will not bring Omicron, as well. By all logic, we can expect an increase of cases,” said university professor Dragan Danilovski at Studio 10 on TV24.

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