Mickoski: Vouchers of 1000denars for overcoming the energy crisis are an alibi policy of the government


VMRO-DPMNE leaderHristijanMickoski during Wednesday’s statement in the municipality of Butel, answering a journalist question regarding the announcement of the government to award 45 thousand vouchers per 1000 denars to overcome the energy crisis said that it is another of those policies buy day sell and SDSM and the government have neither the strategy nor the knowledge to deal with the energy crisis in the country.

“It is another of those “buying time” policies by this government, I do not expect them to offer anything spectacular because I said they have neither a strategy nor knowledge of anything, the poverty that is increasingly present in Macedonia can be overcome only if it works If there are reforms, if we work honestly transparently and if it is about the interests of the citizens and not the interests of several families that are part of the governing structure of SDSM and the government,” said Mickoski.


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