Anti-Corruption demands criminal prosecution for the Skopje New Year celebration in 2020


The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) concluded that the organization of the New Year celebration on the square in Skopje for 2020, which featured singer Dino Merlin and other groups, violated the Law on Public Procurement, due to reasonable suspicion that the Youth Cultural Center acted otherwise did not conduct a public procurement procedure, but announced a public announcement for organizing the New Year celebration.

The New Year’s celebration on Skopje Square cost about 240 thousand euros, of which about 154 thousand euros were paid from the city budget.

The SCPC for this will submit an initiative for criminal prosecution before the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime, as well as an initiative for opening a procedure for responsibility of the responsible person to the institution that appoints them, i.e. the City of Skopje.

The member of the SCPC GoranTrepenovski, at the continuation of the 58th session, pointed out that this arose from the review of the tenders of the public procurement institutions for technical support, on the own initiative of the SCPC.

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