Mijalkov after leaving Shutka Prison: I won’t run away, why should I run away?


The former head of UBK Sasho Mijalkov has been released from detention. The Skopje Court of Appeals accepted the defense’s appeal against the detention imposed on him in the “Plots on Vodno” case.

There is an active guarantee of 11,106,501 euros for Mijalkov. It was offered as a guarantee that he would not escape along with the appeal lodged by his lawyers over his previous detention in the “Treasury” case, where he was initially sentenced to eight years in prison.

After leaving the pre-trial prison Shutka, Sasho Mijalkov answered a question from journalists that he did not intend to escape.

“I won’t run away, why should I run,” Mijalkov replied before getting into the car that picked him up at the prison.

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