Mickoski: May 2022 be the year when changes and projects will bring the final victory, triumph of true values


Dear fellow citizens, the passing year has left us with all kinds of emotions. The COVID-19 pandemic, the energy crisis, the economic setback, the tragedies in Tetovo and Bulgaria, and the incompetent and irresponsible government caused grief and pain, great revolt, disappointment, uncertainty. But also the final awareness and courage that we must change things ourselves. For us, for our families. 2021 was a year of great challenges, but also of great changes. Changes that you have brought – you!, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in his New Year’s address.

“I wish success and happiness to each and every one of you, because Macedonia is for all people. May we improve the ecology, develop the infrastructure, promote education, sports and culture. May we be better people, to have more respect and to create a better future for our children. The children of Macedonia deserve a new, happy future in an orderly country that will meet their needs. May 2022 be the year where changes are brought for a final victory and a triumph of the true values. Dear friends, I promise you that will all my might I will fight to make things better,” Mickoski said.


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