SDSM: The Government prevented a drastic increase in the price of electricity with a quick and timely reaction


With a quick and timely reaction of the Government led by SDSM, a price shock for the citizens and a drastic increase in the price of electricity has been prevented. The mobilization of all domestic capacities for production of electricity, contributed to the increase of the price of electricity by only 9.48%, which is far below the initial forecast of over 25%. The cheap overnight electricity tariff as well as the cheap tariff on Sunday will be maintained, and there will be no additional restrictions. That the price of electricity is a global problem is confirmed by the increase in the price of electricity in many countries, and it is most pronounced in Turkey where electricity is 50 percent more expensive for households, while for companies it is more than 100 percent. For the citizens from the vulnerable category, 60 million denars are provided with the Program for protection of electricity consumers, says SDSM spokesperson Bogdanka Kuzeska.

“This measure will cover about 7,500 low-income households for a period of 12 months, which will receive a reduction of the monthly bill for consumed electricity in the amount of 600 denars or 800 denars per month, depending on the size of the household. The economy is stable and liquid, the state is ready to help citizens and companies to overcome this challenge,” added Kuzeska.

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