Strumica residents to pay almost twice as high gas bills after New Year’s


Since the beginning of the new 2022, the citizens of Strumica will pay higher bills for gas heating. So far, the price for consumed cubic meter of gas was 46.5 denars, and now consumers will pay 80.4 denars.

The new prices were announced by JPED “Strumica Gas”. They inform that the increased prices are due to the energy crisis and higher prices on the market for supply of this fuel.

In order to mitigate the price impact, the Municipality of Strumica will subsidize the price of gas for households with 10 denars for each cubic meter consumed. For that purpose, the local self-government provided about 3 million denars.

About 400 households, companies and institutions in Strumica are heated with gas, and a gas pipeline network with a length of about 40 km has been built.

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