SDSM destroyed the Macedonian energy, claims opposition


 There is no segment in the energy that SDSM did not destroy. They increased the price of electricity by 9.5%. They abolished the daily cheap tariff for households. Companies that procure electricity on the open market where electricity is 5 to 6 times more expensive are left alone. They increased the price of heating by 14%.And in most parts of the city, they either do not heat at all or do not get enough heating. Companies that use natural gas as an energy source have huge financial problems due to the enormous rise in gas prices. Methane is also 120% more expensive, which leads to difficulties in the operation of JSP in Skopje, whose buses use methane Stevche Antovski, member of the VMRO-DPMNE Energy Commission, told a press conference on Sunday.

He stressed that there is no segment in energy that SDSM did not destroy.

“AD ELEM is not able to fulfill its legal obligations to EVN HOME, for which more than 200 million euros will be spent from the Budget for electricity import. SDSM must stop lying to the Macedonian public that we have enough of our own production of electricity,” said Antovski.

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